Testing Groups

Testing Groups

Regular Weekly Testing Group- On-Campus High Contact:

  • Undergraduate Students who will be on campus for any reason
  • Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students who will be on Campus for at least two days (~16+ hours) a week and/or in a high contact role during work hours:
    • ex: in-person contact about six feet apart for at least 15 minutes with five or more individuals
    • ex: in-person contact about six feet apart with 20 or more individuals on a typical day (does not include walking by someone)
    • ex: interacts throughout the day with campus visitors and/or contractors

    Periodic Testing Group - On-Campus Some Contact

    • Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students who have in-person interaction with individuals, but do not meet criteria above for regular testing

    Opt-in Testing:

    • Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students who have not been invited for a test during a particular week may choose to opt into a test at any time based on scheduling availability

    Not in Testing Pool- Entirely Remote:

    • Faculty/Staff/Graduate/Undergraduate Students who will be fully remote and will not be interacting on campus in-person this fall for any reason