COVID Research Fund

Proposals are not being accepted at this time. Please check back for future calls for funding.

The COVID-19 Research Fund is open to Rice faculty working on COVID-related work and will be highly flexible allowing for bursts of supplies needed for immediate use by research groups, developing partnerships within the city of Houston and the Texas Medical Center, as well as projects designed to help our community deal with both the immediate and long-term effects of this global crisis. Supported work may include collaborations with other institutions in the Texas Medical Center. The highest priority will be to accelerate research or the production of materials/reagents that can have immediate impact on our community.

Submissions will be reviewed based on scientific merit, societal impact and responsiveness to COVID-19, pandemic preparedness, and the potential for sustaining the research through extramural funding. All awardees will be required to have an approved COVID Response Research Plan on file with the Office of Research.

PIs must meet PI eligibility requirements as defined by the Office of Research, per Policy 301. Interdisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged to apply. Inter-institutional proposals are welcomed, though it is expected that external collaborators would bring their own funds to the project.

Review of proposals applying to the COVID-19 Research Fund will be performed by a University Oversight and Review Committee with broad expertise across varying disciplines.

With $500,000 in initial funding, we are seeking donations to reach our goal of $1 million. Individual donations can be made online.

Questions should be directed to