Current COVID-19 Policies

Our current policies:

Rice no longer requires a 14 day self-quarantine following international travel, however it is strongly recommended that all travelers build in time after returning to make sure you are asymptomatic before returning to campus.

All international travel must be registered at

All on-campus events and gatherings are canceled through August 1, 2020. Beginning August 1, 2020, campus events and gatherings will be limited by physical distancing both indoors (in accordance with modified space capacities) and outdoors to no more than 50 (total to include all attendees, staff and vendors).

Beginning June 1, 2020 and until further notice, all employees, students, contractors, and visitors on Rice’s campus must cover their mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when they are around other people. This is an important precaution to protect others — you may have the virus and not know it because you have no symptoms. Thus everyone on campus is required to wear a cloth face cover as defined by the CDC and as delineated below:

  • Indoors. Face coverings must be worn indoors at all times except:
    • When you’re in your residential dorm suite.
    • When you’re in your own office or space used only by you.
    • If you are faculty providing classroom instruction and you choose to substitute an alternate protective barrier, such as a face shield.
  • Outdoors. You must have a face covering – either worn on your face or carried on your person — at all times anywhere on campus, including when you’re outdoors. If you aren’t wearing your face covering while outdoors, you must keep it readily available so that you can put it on if you come into close proximity with others (within 6 feet).

While on the Rice campus everyone should practice physical distancing, whenever possible, and stay at least 6 feet away from other people. When this is not possible, a face covering must be worn both indoors and outdoors at all times when you're within 6 feet of someone else (except when you're in your residential dorm suite or when you're in your own office or space used only by you).