Personal Protective Equipment

How to Order Personal Protective equipment:

The university has a robust supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff, faculty, and students. These resources include signage options, campus event guidance, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Current inventory for available PPE resources includes:

COVID Antigen Testing Kits

COVID home test kits for the Rice community are available to Rice students***, faculty, and staff. These kits can be ordered for on-campus pickup; each test package contains two testing kits). Faculty, staff, and students*** may order two antigen test kits monthly (four tests total). ***Undergraduate students should work directly with their college coordinators to get antigen test kits. It is important to note that the antigen test kits are intended to be used for symptomatic testing, not as general surveillance testing.

To pick up a test, you must do the following:

  • Sign up using this link:
  • Bring the QR code with you to pick up your test package. (The code will be emailed to you after completing the sign-up, you can show it from your phone, or you can print it out (just as you would for a testing appointment).
Face Masks

The CDC has provided comprehensive guidance on properly wearing, caring for, cleaning, and disposing of face masks.

The university provides the following types of face masks:

  • Disposable masks are widely available on campus and are sometimes referred to as surgical or medical procedure masks. This type of mask is a great option for events. These masks should fit properly over the nose and mouth to prevent leaks. They can also be worn under a cloth or woven mask for extra protection.
  • High-quality fabric-woven reusable masks - these masks are for everyday use, and they are washable. The fabric masks provided by the university have a filter, and a nose wire and are made with multiple layers of fabric. When orders are placed, each mask comes with an extra filter.
  • KN95 mask - these masks are disposable and are intended for longer day use and should not be worn with other masks. Please note: N95 respirators are available; however, to order this type of PPE, an appointment must be scheduled with Rice Environmental Health and Safety for a fit test. Appointments can be made by contacting SAFETY@RICE.EDU.

Department directors should prepare and submit requests for enough masks for their employees who are working on campus, to wear one mask per workday for a two-week period. If an employee has a personal mask they are bringing with them, this is an acceptable substitute. If an employee is working alone in an office at least six to eight feet away from others, a mask should be worn when outside the office area where contact with others could be possible. Some employees may be able to use a mask for more than one day if it's only needed to be worn part-time.

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Face Shields
  • Health-care-grade face shield
  • Eye-protection face shield - includes additional protection for eyes
  • Adjustable face shield - includes a ratchet to tighten the face shield for optimal fit
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Sanitizing Wipes and Disinfectants
  • Large bucket of wipes - 300 count
  • Small bucket of wipes - 110 count
  • Spray bottles with disinfectant can be ordered individually
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Requests should be submitted through the following process:

Note: Orders not picked up within 24 hours of notification will be re-shelved.

Please click the button below to complete a request for masks or other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).