Storm Preparedness Tips from Student Health Services

Storm prep tips

Rice University is closely monitoring the weather for the probability of two tropical storms, possibly hurricanes, appearing in the Gulf of Mexico that may create a significant weather event in Houston later this week.

While we cannot be certain what path Tropical Storms Laura or Marco will take, we are recommending that you prepare. Here are a few tips from Student Health. You will receive further information from Rice Crisis Management.

To prepare:

  • If you take medications, have a two week supply available to you, especially inhalers
  • Have a copy of your insurance card.
  • Have allergy medication on hand, as the storm may stir up allergies
  • If you have not been feeling well, schedule an appointment with Student Health Services right away 713-348-4966. Do not wait to address your health needs.
  • If you are feeling anxious about the storm, contact Wellbeing 713-348-3311
  • Be certain you have enough sanitary products
  • Clean your linens and clothing prior to the storm
  • Charge your portable chargers, laptops, and phones
  • Have rain gear accessible-closed toed shoes/boots and umbrellas
  • Confirm you have clean masks and hand sanitizer
  • Have your passport, ID, and any important documents in a water proof bag
  • If you have an animal, prepare food, water and a pet carrier. Have a collar with your contact information on your pet
  • Know where your flashlight is located and confirm it has fresh batteries
  • On campus, be prepared to shelter in your room by having some snacks and water
  • Off campus, be prepared to shelter in your home by having non-perishable food and water
  • If we have substantial rain, do NOT play or walk in the floodwater. It carries diseases and FIRE ANTS
  • Please continue to follow all of our precautions for the semester including wearing masks, distancing and washing hands

Please stay alert and check your emails and texts for updates from Rice University about the weather and the precautions Crisis Management will be taking to keep you safe.

Student Health Services