From the Office of the Registrar: Graduate Student Course Schedules

Covid-19 Alert

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 10:50 p.m.

From the Office of the Registrar

ATTN: Rice Graduate Students
RE: Fall 2020 Course Registrations, Scheduled Meeting Time, etc.

In the event you might be checking your Fall 2020 course registrations in ESTHER, or the Fall 2020 Course Schedule at, we wanted you to be aware of some changes that were made yesterday, specifically with the meeting times and meeting patterns of Fall 2020 courses.

Fall 2020 Course Schedule:

As a result of changes to the academic calendar, and in particular the ending of instruction on an earlier date (the Friday before Thanksgiving), important contact time in classes was lost. Combining this with the need to address new classroom space issues caused by physical distancing, it became clear that a number of changes needed to be made to the Course Schedule. Some measures being put in place, include:

• A reconfigured daily class schedule (with standardized meeting time blocks, expanded throughout the day, and into the evening).
• Class durations for most courses increased by 5 minutes per class to meet contact time requirements.
• Longer “in-between” meeting times, increased to 20 minutes, to accommodate potentially longer walking distances between classes, and allow for less congestion in halls and entrances/exits.

At present the Office of the Registrar is working with Rice academic departments on other possible course-specific adjustments, based on actual or projected enrollment, etc. (such as method of instruction (online, etc.). More on that in future communications.

By means of this notification, we wanted to make you aware of these (Fall 2020) course meeting time changes. We understand that you likely will have many questions in the days to come. We recommend that you regularly monitor your Rice e-mail for information as it becomes available.

Please also be on the lookout for future Grad Digest bi-weekly newsletters. These will contain essential information regarding the return to campus. Additionally please stay in touch with your graduate program.

• Our OTR informational web page on Fall 2020 changes:
• Our OTR e-mail address: