Message from the DOU: Testing Link (Week of August 31 - Sept. 4)

Message from the DOU: Testing Link (Week of August 31 - Sept. 4)

August, 28, 2020

Undergraduate students -

Below is the link to sign up for testing this coming week,August 31 through September 4. Please remember:

  • All undergraduates who are on campus in any capacity are required to sign up for weekly testing.
  • Coordinate and stagger, if possible, your testing appointment with your roommates, suitmates, or housemates. Ideally, we would like you to be tested on different days, in order to facilitate our ability to identify and respond quickly should someone in your "family" test positive.
  • When test result delivery is delayed, the vast majority are due to incorrect entry of birth date when signing up for a testing appointment. So, please take care and double check that you enter your date of birth correctly. You should first select your year of birth, and then your birth month and day on the calendar. If you don't enter this correctly, delivery of your test results will be delayed.
  • Be thoughtful in choosing your appointment time. We have a limited number of appointment times available each day, and we cannot change or cancel your appointment unless we have 48 hours advance notice.

To sign up for a test appointment:

If you have any questions about testing or signing up for an appointment, please email you need to cancel an appointment you have already made, you can do so using this link.

Thank you,

Bridget Gorman

Dean of Undergraduates