From the Crisis Management Team - Important updates to COVID testing and reporting

COVID-19 response weekly update

Dear colleagues,

As we shared last week, we are now live with some changes to the contact tracing and testing processes. On Monday the university moved the symptomatic location on campus, enabling users to sign up for a symptomatic test directly through our normal test scheduling process. Late this evening we will be going live with the new COVID Report form that will replace the Health Report Form. The COVID report form button on the coronavirus site will link to forms in English and Spanish.

The form will walk users through a series of questions to answer that will then provide documented instructions on how to proceed. This is helpful as users will not have to wait on a call from the Contact Tracing Team for instructions. An email of instructions will be sent will be available in the VEOCI portal for reference. The link to this form will be found at the top of the page. Individuals will be required to use this form to report the following COVID circumstances:

  • Received a positive test,
  • Are experiencing symptoms of COVID-like illness,
  • Have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.

*Please note* Users must be diligent in checking test results and completing the COVID Report Form in a timely manner within this new format (if positive).

As always, The Crisis Management Team sincerely appreciates all of the support and cooperation the campus community has demonstrated throughout this unprecedented time.

~Crisis Management Team