COVID-19 response important updates: May 24

COVID-19 response weekly update

Dear colleagues,

The Crisis Management Team will cease its formal COVID-19 organization and operations at the end of this week. On Friday, the team will have been operating continuously in this mode for 485 days, many of them working weeks and months without taking a day off, including weekends. We owe them our gratitude for their dedication, competence and care in keeping us all safe during this extraordinary time. I couldn’t be prouder of the sixty-plus-member team, which included staff, faculty, and students.

The Crisis Management Team will continue to monitor the situation and respond as needed based on the environment.

The COVID-19 policies currently in place for the summer can be found here.

This is the last weekly COVID-19 response update. We will send further announcements only as needed.

See you on campus!

Kevin E. Kirby

Chair of the Crisis Management Advisory Committee

Vice President for Administration