On-Campus Summer 2021 Activities, Programs and Camps

Academic Quad

Dear colleagues,

We’re writing to announce guidelines for summer activities on the Rice campus. Although summer is still months away, we’re issuing these guidelines now because plans and commitments for summer activities must be made soon. We expect COVID-19 conditions in the Houston area to steadily improve as vaccines become more readily available and warmer weather leads people to conduct more activities outdoors. That said, the guidelines are subject to revisions based on the environment this summer, and it is essential that we continue our good public health practices throughout the spring and summer.

General Guidelines. Summer activities will be permitted on campus, with the exception of programs involving minors living on campus. The general guidelines are below:

  • We expect you to design activities that have a smaller number of participants and lower density than in previous years.
  • All for-credit academic courses are currently scheduled to be on-line. Faculty wanting to provide an in-person or dual delivery course should seek approval from the Provost.

Housing & Dining:

  • Residential housing and food will be available for all undergrads participating in summer activities.
  • The Rice Graduate Apartments will be open all summer. The Rice Village Grad Apartments will be closed for renovations from mid-May to mid-August.
  • Generally, eating will take place outdoors.
  • Activities involving adults living in campus housing are allowed, but only one occupant per room is allowed.
  • Daytime-only programs with minors are permitted, including summer research experiences. The normal guidelines for minors apply.
  • Facility rentals to outside groups are permitted after May 15, provided that all campus COVID-19 safety guidelines are followed.

Safety Guidelines. All on-campus activities must conform with the following public health practices:

  • The campus policies in effect at the time of the activity (e.g., masks, physical distancing, gathering size) must be followed.
  • Activities should be conducted outdoors to the maximum extent possible.
  • Activity sponsors and managers must complete a one-hour public health mitigation workshop, conducted by the Crisis Management Team, at least two weeks prior to the activity. Five sessions will be scheduled in April and May. Dates and times will be forthcoming.
  • Activities should be designed in accordance with CDC suggestions for youth and summer camps.

If you’re planning a summer activity/program/camp and you have not already notified the Crisis Management Team, please email campusevents@rice.edu by March 29. More information regarding workshop training times and plan submissions will be forthcoming.

Reginald DesRoches, Provost

Kevin E. Kirby, Chair of the Crisis Management Advisory Committee