From Campus Events: Summer Activities Informational Update


The Crisis Management Team (CMT) is hosting five public health workshops for individuals and/or departments that are putting on summer activities/events/programs/camps this summer. Per guidance from the Crisis Management Advisory Committee (CMAC), attendance by activity sponsors, managers, and organizers at one of these workshops is required at least two weeks prior to the activity being hosted.

The dates, times, and Zoom links for the workshops are listed below:

The same basic content will be covered in all the workshops; however, if you have a residential program/camp, athletic program/camp, or program/camp with minors, we encourage you to attend those specific workshops so that any questions that come up may have answers that can be heard by those with similar concerns.

Following the General Workshop #3, a recording of one of the workshops will be posted so that you can review it. Should you be unable to attend one of the workshops above, you will need to watch the workshop and complete a quiz covering topics discussed in the workshop to have your event approved. Individuals who attend one of the workshops will not need to complete the quiz, so you are encouraged to attend.

In addition to the workshops, the CMT is also producing a guidance document for summer activities. We anticipate that this should be available early next week, and we will send a follow-up email when this is available.

Crisis Management Team