FaceĀ Coverings

Face Mask Policy

Persons who are not vaccinated must wear a mask when indoors, with the exceptions granted when actively eating or drinking, or when students are inside their own rooms within a residential college, or when faculty/staff/students are alone inside a private office.

Outdoors: There is no longer a face mask requirement for campus outside.

These guidelines are consistent with the most recent CDC guidance on what fully vaccinated people can do.

Face masks. A face mask must be multilayered, fit snugly against the sides of the face and under the chin without gaps, and completely cover the nose and mouth. It is preferable to have a moldable nose piece and adjustable ear straps to ensure a snug fit. Among the face coverings that are not acceptable under the updated policy are masks made of single-layer material, gaiters, masks with valves, bandanas or any other face covering that does not fit properly and leaves gaps.