Event Resources

COVID Events Policy:

  • Indoors: There are generally no COVID-related limits to the size of indoor gatherings. A limited number of pandemic-related restrictions may be imposed on a case-by-case basis in which the characteristics of the space are not conducive to the activity or a higher density. These special circumstances are expected to be rare and they will be evaluated individually by Rice Crisis Management.
  • Outdoors: There is no limit to gathering size outdoors.

Event Resources:

Temporary Tent Usage and Guidelines:

The enclosed PCF tents and open-air tents on campus are prioritized for academic use and then student and department event use. Availability and hours are listed below with the process to request a tent for approved use. 


  • Academic Use - Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6:30 pm 
  • Student and Department Event Use - Monday through Friday, 6:30 pm - Midnight and Saturday - Sunday 7 am - 12 am

To reserve a tent you must log-in to rooms.rice.edu and submit the "Request an outdoor space" form and include a detailed plan on usage. The occupancy is a maximum of 50 at any time in the PCF tents, 25 under the open-air tents, 50 all other outdoor spaces .

Summer Activities, Events and Camps

Summer activities on campus are back this summer with approval from the Crisis Management Team. All groups planning to host an event, camp or program must submit it through the approval process and attend one of the five trainings before the end of the Spring semester. 

Registration is now closed. If you need assistance contact Campus Events.

Additional information about the COVID protocols and requirements for summer activities can be found in our CMT Summer Guidance Document.